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As well as being a musician, in the snippets of time I claw back from my day job, I also game. I used to play Skyrim, but then I took an arrow to the knee (read: finished it, and all the DLCs) so these days I can often be found stomping around Tyria in Guild Wars 2, throwing fire at unfortunate bandits and smokescales.

It occurred to me, during an intense bout of killing a giant wurm in Draconis Mons the other evening, that my character, a belligerent Norn elementalist by the name of Lucientia (Likes: ale, shiny weaponry, incinerating bad guys. Dislikes: Flat ale, dull armour, bad guys) has the right approach when it comes to, well, not just being a sword (or flame) for hire, but also the day job. So here are some stock phrases Lucientia likes to say that would serve us all well in the world of work.

On receiving a pay rise: “A fitting reward!” or “I LIKE it.”

On nailing that tricksy spreadsheet/database/other task: “I’m AMAZING!” or “See that? That was all me!”

On going into the board meeting: “Time to bust some heads” or “We won because of ME!” (depending on circumstance of course)

On hot desking: “New land. NEW LAND!” or “Another place to make my legend!”

On receiving a promotion: “I am AWESOME!” 

(These quotes can, and should, also be used at appropriate junctures in job interviews. Let me know how that works out for you…)


Lucientia – 9 feet tall and a career arsonist

The thing about Lucientia is that she’s completely confident, sure of herself, full of pride for her achievements and totally unapologetic. My polar opposite! I find myself apologising if my set has too many originals, or not enough originals, or too many sadder songs, or just might not be what people enjoy. I worry that my best isn’t good enough, sometimes even that my best just isn’t my best.

Lucientia doesn’t care what people enjoy. SHE enjoys burning things, even if those things scream.

We should all be more like Lucientia.

But without the arson.



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